(this video is narrated)

Energy intensive.  Relentlessly standardized.  Devoid of any sense of place.  Take everything that's wrong with heavy steel and concrete structures...

....and imagine the opposite.  Chris is proud to be a project manager for WholeTrees' software development efforts, and their defacto R&D department.   In that capacity, he developed the tools shown in this video.  Video production assistance from Tim Coursen.  

"WholeTrees Architecture & Structures enables visionary construction with convenient tools, connecting forests to building professionals and manufacturers.  In calling this visionary construction, we're talking very literally.  We're describing a building material supply chain with a clear line of sight from start to finish. By knowing where our buildings come from, we can build cleaner, faster, and cheaper.  By realizing the most fundamental utility of a renewable material in commercial construction, we can improve forests, sequester carbon, create jobs, invigorate regional economies, and make beautiful buildings in the process."