Mission: To make great new things in great new ways.  

New Paradigm Design Workshop LLC is Chris Miller's creative and constructive practice.   It's a place and a state of mind built around a singularly process-oriented tangle of design, invention and building.  Process is beautiful and it's the glue that holds together Chris' vision of a more profound material culture:  Equitable,  Sustainable,  Profitable, and  Engaged.  Check out these services.  

Mens et Manus.  Chris Miller wishes that he had thought of MIT's motto first.  Commonly mistranslated as Mouse and Keyboard (no, just kidding) it actually means Mind and Hand.  Having always experienced the world at that juncture, Chris talks and looks and thinks with his hands.  While a keen adopter of emergent technology, his design practice remains grounded in the tactile pursuits of studio art, craft and building construction.  He's an ardent design communicator and understands that great ideas deserve colorful descriptions.  He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a Master of Art in Architecture from MIT lives with his amazing wife and two boys in Maine.