Mission: Better material culture.

New Paradigm Design Workshop LLC is Chris Miller's creative and constructive practice.   It's a place and a state of mind built around a singularly process-oriented tangle of design, invention, and construction. Process is the glue that holds together Chris' vision of a better material culture:  more equitable,  more sustainable, and more engaged. 

Mens et Manus.  Chris Miller wishes that he had thought of MIT's motto first.  It means Mouse and Keyboard. No, just kidding. It means Mind and Hand.  Chris talks and thinks and learns with his hands. His design practice is grounded in the tactile intuitions of studio art, building and construction.  He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Master of Art in Architecture from MIT. Chris has lived in rural Minnesota, Chicago and Boston and has worked with all sorts of artists, builders, architects, engineers. He lives with his wonderful wife and two mischievous kids in Maine.